What we do?


Each location-finding job is a new and different challenge. It is therefore, a great advantage in pooling professional knowledge. ‘Films & Adfilms’ provides access to hundreds of locations, to film and television production companies, photographers and advertising agencies each year. Our expert location managers have the skills to foresee and overcome any likely situations – from arranging a parking space to procuring a palace — and the ability to work to your brief quickly, precisely and within budget. Arranging transport or hotel rooms is easy but procuring an elephant or a yak at the last minute is another story! Keeping this in mind we came up with ‘Films & Adfilms’ to cater to the ‘film people’ — a job so specialized that only a filmmaker can know. Any hitch can make a difference of so many man-hours lost to financial headaches. We at ‘Films & Adfilms’ know the pros and cons of filmmakers’ requirements, and endeavor to give you service, which is of the highest quality. No amount of advertising from our side in all the fancy film guide books can really help us; but the mouth to mouth publicity of our satisfied clients will and has given us satisfaction and recognition as the top production management company in Nepal and South Asia.

An application form in accordance with the Film (Production, Exhibition & Distribution) Act, 2026 B.S. must be completed while applying for the general permit in order to film in Nepal. The Ministry of Information and Communication issues such a permit.

Here too Films & Adfilms will be able to reduce lead times in obtaining general film permit and all necessary licenses and other requirements, after payment of specified fees and taxes wherever necessary, apart from co-coordinating with individuals such as Liaison Officer and government officials before commencement of shooting in Nepal.

All camera/sound equipments and accessories; and raw stock etc. brought into the country from abroad either by land or air will be received and cleared through customs by our experienced staff without any hassles. Ditto while returning. Our objective is to relieve you of all annoying or pesky formalities getting in or out of the country.

Our library consists of a wide-ranging collection of picturesque landscapes. But still we concede that our client’s requirements may be varied and unique as per their individual requirements. If what you want is not to be found, we’ll make sure you’ll find it anyway. We consider it as our specialty to come up with realistic estimate – and the right location for any project, promptly.

From the tallest mountains in the world to almost sea-level plains in the Terai region of Nepal can be found a multitude of terrains and flora and fauna belying the size of a country so small. And within this small space is ensconced an assortment of ethnic cultures, religions and traditions truly amazing in its variety and richness suitable for a vast number purposes. The lush jungles of a number of Wild-life Sanctuaries harbor such exotic animals as the Great One-horned Rhinos and the Royal Bengal tiger to the Snow Leopard, Musk deer and Yak (and arguably the famed Yeti as well). Suggestions regarding beautiful scenic places, Little Tibet to deserts mountain, Buddhist Monasteries and Monks, Hindu Temples, Jungle safaris, flora and fauna, Mountainous sites, Heritage or Historical cities, Culture and Monuments to White-water rafting, Canoeing, Micro-light aircrafts, Para-gliding and Bungy-jumping are available.

With the emergence of the Nepali film industry, of late there has been no dearth of talent to be found locally. You may be able to find just the right person you require, or perhaps you may even be able to cast your entire project here. Our casting has amassed impressive credentials from both international and Nepali projects. So why not give it a try?

At Films & Adfilms you are assured of world-class technicians, all with plenty of experience- from Assistant Directors to Camera Assistants to Grip and Runners. Whether in-house or a freelancer, our team members are all familiar working with international crew and have been chosen for their work ethics and professionalism. Leave all your worries behind; you are in the best hands at Films & Adfilms.

Nepal is a growing film industry due to which standard equipments are not available. However, if you need any specific equipment, lenses or other accessories which needs to be imported, we can make arrangements from India to make it available.

Air travel network being quite efficient in this mountainous region (private or army chartered aircrafts or helicopters) for travel within the country can be provided as per your requirement at any time.

Whether in luxury hotels or economy standard, accommodations can be provided to match your budget either in Kathmandu or in other parts of the country at best rates possible with our connections.

Our company will assist you in insuring local technicians and production help plus equipments before the commencement of shooting as required by law.
Further we can also arrange for insurance of equipments brought from abroad and that of foreign artists and technicians as well.